WPC Decking is a single solid extrusion

WPC Decking Does NOT contain any plant fibers

Most wood / plastic deck boards contain as much as 50% wood fibers. Even other cellular PVC decks contain a high percentage of Flax, a plant fiber. WPC Deck uses technology that is totally inorganic, not a combination of recycled plastics and wood fibers that must work There are NO organic fibers used as fillers or stiffeners in WPC Decking. Nothing that can compromise long-term board stability or appearance.

It IS a solid core cellular PVC

WPC Decking has a consistent density throughout. Nothing to come apart or delaminate. WPC Decking is a single solid extrusion not a bonded combination of different materials.

WPC Decking

WPC Decking


Qizhen manufactures WPC Decking in China. Qizhen has been a leading producer of cellular PVC building products for nearly 50 years! Everything from Vinyl Windows to interior and exterior decorative trim. Trust your deck project to a company with the most experience in cellular PVC.


Unlike treated lumber products, WPC Decking by Qizhen will not split, crack, warp, rot, cup, splinter, sustain mold, decay or become lunch to insects. Mold can grow on the dirt sitting on the deck surface but not on the board itself – Keeping the deck rinsed of dirt and debris keeps the mold away.

Each board is infused with titanium dioxide, not just surface coated. This insures a colorfast surface that is fade resistant. WPC Deck Boards are made with the same U.V. inhibitors as our vinyl windows. Designed for years of attractive service.

WPC Deck & Porch Railing System

Combine WPC Deck boards with a WPC Deck and Porch Railing system for a complete deck project. Designed with your deck in mind. WPC Deck & Porch Railing can be assembled in any length up to 8 foot. You are not limited to a pre- assembled size. Your railing can match the creativity of your deck design. Rails exceed all BOCA, IBC & IRC load requirements.

“DIY” Friendly

Whether you hire a pro to build your deck or convince a friend to help you “do it yourself”, WPC Decking is as easy to work as wood. Easier. A WPC Deck can be built using common deck-building practices and designs that work for wood decks. Best of all, without the need to pre-drill for fasteners, time and labor is saved. Screws countersink without distorting the deck surface. No need to worry about fastening close to the ends. Unlike wood/plastic composite decking, WPC Decking will not split, crack or “blowout” at the edges. No need to double joist when butting boards together. Saves money and time. Don’t forget that you are responsible for meeting all local building codes and inspection requirements. Qizhen cannot be responsible if you build a poorly designed deck! If you are not handy around the house, consult someone who is.

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