Wood plastic composite deck manufacturer

Wood plastic composite deck is Eco Friendly

Qizhen Deck is the ideal for public areas such as Parks, Outside Refreshment Bars, Walkways, Verandahs, Promenades, Balconies, Bridges, Conservatories, Patios and Pool Decking. In public areas tamper proof 45° fixings are used. The screw heads in the stainless steel fixings are covered by the adjacent board, making it impossible to remove.

Commercial enterprises such as Holiday Parks, Leisure Centres and Theme Parks can benefit in the short and long term by fitting Qizhen Deck to those areas where safety standards are an important factor.

Wood plastic composite deck

Wood plastic composite deck

Although timber has been used for Decking applications for decades we are all aware of its shortcomings. For the first few years timber decking works well. However, after a period of time timber, however treated, will start to deteriorate and rot, with continual wet and dry cycles. Also, the walking surface can become quite slippery when wet, green with algae, or when drinks and other liquids are accidentally spilt. To overcome these safety and long-term Qizhenbility issues, many commercial operators are insisting on using composite materials as a longterm safety investment. Qizhen Deck out performs all other materials, and its antislip qualities are “second to none” especially in wet, greasy and frosty conditions. Slips, trips and falls, due to unsuitable walking surfaces, cause most accidents in leisure environments.

Wood plastic composite deck Manufacturer

Qizhen Wood composite timber products are manufactured using the wood plastic extrusion (WPC) system, which provides a beautiful timber look product with exceptional long lasting weathering properties. Composite timber extrusions are UV stable, colour fast, ECO friendly, and have a 50 year lifespan. Standard profile composite timber is available for Railings, Fencing, Pagodas, Pergolas, Balcony Surrounds, Park Seating, Planters, Sheds, Gazebos, Theme Park Furniture and Smoking Shelters. In fact any product that conventional timber would normally be used for.

The use of composite timber has gained a strong foothold, particularly in the USA where a growth rate of 8 – 11% per annum has been seen in recent years. Composite timber is particularly ideal for the production of standard railings and furniture. The system comes complete with post, post cap, sleeve, steel base with a WPC skirt. Also, top and bottom rails and spindles, including brackets and fixings. Composite timber has a beautiful appearance, with all the advantages of wood, but is virtually maintenance free and is colour stable.

Timber effect and coloured cladding is an ever increasing popular choice for finishing outside wall appearance. These may include: offices, hotels, public buildings, superstores, factories, leisure centres, holiday parks, domestic housing, theme parks etc.

Otherwise known as weatherboarding or siding, Qizhen Cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings.

Various standard profiles are available, and custom profiles incorporating alternative fixing systems can be produced to specification.

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