WPC Outdoor decking Floor

Qizhen WPC Outdoor decking Floor is intended for residential installations on sun decks, pool decks, docks, boardwalks, ocean walks and similar applications. Qizhen WPC Outdoor Flooring cannot anticipate every possible installation and recommends that you consult an engineer, architect and/or building code official in your area to make sure that your design meets all applicable local codes.

WPC Outdoor decking Floor

WPC Outdoor decking Floor

Wood plastic Outdoor decking Floor Installation

Design possibilities are virtually limitless; therefore it is impossible for Qizhen WPC Outdoor decking Floor to anticipate every installation situation. Always consult with an architect, engineer, and/or local building code official and rely on them as the final authority on deck design.

As a general rule, Qizhen WPC Outdoor decking Floor requires a maximum joist spacing of 16″ on center, dropping to 12″ on center when decking is installed diagonally. Maximum joist spacing is 16″ on center for stair treads. Secure stair treads over and in contact with a treated pine 2×6, installed flat, not on edge, as under support, and secured with Simpson A23 approved connectors and 10d x 1-1/2″ hot-dipped galvanized nails. Stagger butt joints, never place side by side.

Qizhen WPC Outdoor decking Floor should be installed with a side-to-side gap of 1/8″ to 1/4″ to allow for proper drainage. Proper flashing is required for any attached deck and your contractor will determine the appropriate solution for your specific needs. Rail posts should always be fastened directly to the structural framing, never to the decking. Maximum overhang for side and ends must be no greater than 1″. This dimension is measured from the outside face of the joist or outside face of the fascia if measuring from a fascia covered joist. Install Outdoor Flooring decking with Lumenite surface (molded grain pattern) face up or warranty is voided. For visual consistency, install boards with grain pattern in same direction.

Qizhen WPC Outdoor decking Floor requires specific fasteners but comparable fasteners designed for use with cellular PVC may suffice, provided they are designed to restrict deck board movement. Floating fasteners must not be used.

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