Wood plastic flooring board

The definition of wood-plastic flooring Board

Wood-plastic composite plate is one of the main extrusion made ​​of wood (wood cellulose plant cellulose) as base material and the thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing aids, etc., mixed and then heated by the mold equipment high-tech green materials, both the performance and characteristics of wood and plastic, wood and plastics can replace the new environmentally friendly high-tech materials, the English wood plastic Composites’ abbreviation for the WPC.

Wood plastic floor is a floor made ​​of wood-plastic composite materials, and timber processing characteristics, the use of ordinary tools sawing, drilling, nails, very convenient and can be used like ordinary wood. Wood wood texture and plastic water-resistant anti-corrosion characteristics, makes it an excellent and very durable outdoor waterproof and anticorrosion building materials.

Wood plastic flooring board

Wood plastic flooring board


Performance of wood-plastic flooring Board

1. Physical properties: strength, high hardness, non-slip, wear, cracking, moth-eaten, water absorption, resistance to aging, corrosion-resistant, antistatic and UV insulation, thermal insulation, fire retardant, anti-75 ℃ high temperature and low temperature of -40 ° C.

2. Environmental performance: ecological wood, green wood, renewable, non-toxic substances, hazardous chemical ingredients, preservatives, etc., no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances released, do not cause air pollution and environmental pollution can be 100% recycled re-use and re-processing of the use, biodegradable.

3. The appearance of texture: the wood’s natural appearance, texture. Better stability than the timber size, timber knots, no cracks, warping, distortion products can be made into a variety of colors, surface without secondary leaching paint can also be long-term security does not fade.

4. The processing performance: secondary processing of wood, such as sawing, planing, adhesive.

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