Wood plastic composite Marine Board

Natural wood plastic composite decking

Wood plastic composite Marine Board is a composite material alternative to timber for docks, pontoons, jetties, walkways, docking stations and similar applications.

Wood plastic Marine composite decking is the low maintenance alternative to timber for pontoons. It is made from recycled plastic and recycled wood. Wood plastic composite Marine’s low maintenance finish is protected with UV inhibitors to ensure long-lasting colour on your marina.

Wood plastic Marine composite decking is incredibly hard and strong and will provide years of trouble free service on your pontoons. It has a 25 year limited warranty but since there is no decay or loss of structural integrity on this product, we believe it will last well beyond the time.

Wood plastic Marine composite decking

Wood plastic Marine composite decking

Wood plastic Marine composite decking the Benefits

1. Environmentally friendly material made from recycled waste

2. Looks and works just like hardwood

3. Long term projects cost less than hardwood timber

4. 25 year limited warranty

5. UV friendly, our material keeps it’s colour after many hardwoods fade to grey

6. Very Low maintenance – No treatment or staining required

7. All material is Fire & Slip resistant to British Standards

8. No Splinters – ideal for barefoot pedestrians

9. Marine Borer/termite resistant

10. Bespoke tooling available to match existing timber size & colour

Wood plastic Marine composite decking installation FAQ’s

What tools are required to install Wood plastic composite Marine?

No special tools are required to install Wood plastic composite Marine. It is just as easy to work with as wood. When sawing, use a saw blade with fewer teeth (like 18 – 24 on a 450 mm blade). The blade will work easier, stay cooler and last longer.

What fasteners are recommended for Wood plastic composite Marine?

Any screws and nails work well with Wood plastic composite Marine. We recommend using high quality screws and nails such as stainless steel.Pre-drilling and countersinking are also recommended when using on your pontoons.

Does Wood plastic composite Marine require gapping between boards?

Yes. Changes in temperature will cause a slight expansion or contraction of Wood plastic composite Marine. Therefore, gapping is required both side-to-side and end-to-end of the boards on your pontoon.

What is the joist span for Wood plastic composite Marine boards?

The joists must be spaced according to the Span Chart below. Make sure that all joists are level and centred. The decking must span at least three joists on your finger/pontoon.

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