Outdoor Porch deck flooring

The porch has withstood the test of time as an icon of American architecture, adding comfort,distinction and value. Today’s home designs incorporate the porch as a natural extension of the family’s living space.

Wood plastic composite is very well for porch flooring construction . As with indoor flooring material,the effect of moisture in contact with wood plastic is a top concern when designing and building a porch.

Wood plastic composite,combined with the technology of wood preservation,is a superior porch flooring choice. With its built-in resistance to decay and termites,pressure-treated WPC porch flooring,properly installed,will provide decades of satisfying service.

Here provides information related to material specification,handling and storage,installation,finishing, and general construction considerations for porch floors using preservatively treated WPC.

Outdoor Porch Deck Flooring

Outdoor Porch Deck Flooring

Outdoor Porch Deck Flooring Installation

Reducing the opportunities for dimensional changes to the material due to moisture fluctuations is the key to longterm performance of the porch floor. Proper porch flooring installation actually involves applying the finish prior to installation.

Many builders begin with a coat of a water-repellent sealer on the top of all floor joists,providing added protection against joist expansion due to excessive collection of moisture.

For the porch flooring,begin with a coat of paintable water-repellent sealer to all four sides and the ends,followed by(after adequate drying time)a coat of high-quality,mildew-resistant oil-based primer for exterior use. Consider applying a coat of the final oil-based porch enamel to the tongue and grooves(also to the end of any piece that will be adjacent to the house)and installing it while the paint is still wet. This procedure not only assures an effective seal against moisture penetration,but also provides a good bond between floor boards.

Maximum recommended joist spacing for installing wood plastic porch flooring is 16″on center. For a more solid feel,12″on center is an option. Unlike interior flooring,T&G porch flooring is fastened directly to the floor joists. No additional nailing base is needed. Each piece of flooring is blind-nailed at every joist,using hot-dip galvanized 8d ring-shank nails. A minimum 1/2″expansion space is maintained between the flooring area and house(or wall) to allow for dimensional change. This space can be concealed with decorative exterior trim(also acclimated). Extend flooring beyond the porch front band joist to allow a 1″overhang.

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