Wood plastic composite deck for roadside

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Recycled Wood plastic composite deck for roadside

There are now two very different technologies available when choosing recycled plastic materials, each suited to different applications.

This means at Qizhen, we don’t just offer you what we have, we offer you what you need…

Recycled Plastic: Qizhen’s management have been developing recycled plastic products for over 13 years. In that time, manufacturing processes have been developed which have placed Qizhen at the forefront of recycled plastic manufacturing in Australia. Pure recycled plastic is used at Qizhen’s moulded products plant and is used predominantly for non load bearing products such as the award winning PlastiPole.

Wood plastic composite deck for roadside

Wood plastic composite deck for roadside

Recycled Wood Plastic Composites (WPC): This innovative material is a combination of recycled plastic and recycled timber and is one of the fastest growing industries in North America and Europe, as the world is forced to confront the growing quantities of waste plastic going to landfills and the depletion of the planets precious timbers. Qizhen’s wood plastic product is a breakthrough for recycled plastic manufacturing in Australia and allows specifiers to use recycled materials in applications not possible before. Given its recycled timber content, wood plastic product is stronger than pure recycled plastic and is smoother and more consistent in its appearance and is available in standard charcoal only. Wood plastic Fence is Qizhen’s most innovative recycled WPC product range to date and is available in 8 iron-based colourfast colours. Manufactured under a regional partnership, Qizhen develops products and designs tooling in Australia, but uses the cost effectiveness of manufacturing in Asia to bring its customers one of the most advanced range of coloured WPC products available in the world today.

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