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Design your own outdoor deck or floor with our outdoor flooring products. Our designs provide a beautiful look for any outdoor decking project. Our decking tiles are interlocking so you can create your own design easily and change it whenever you would like. Choose from a composite wood and plastic material or eucalyptus and teak. Your dream deck or outdoor floor is an easy do-it-yourself project with our flooring products!

Outdoor floor tile

Outdoor floor tile

Outdoor floor tile

Homeowners often spend massive amounts of time decorating their home interior, so why not the exterior too? What some people don’t realize is that there are just about as many home exterior products available as there are for the interior. Whether it’s outdoor furniture, lighting, or flooring, you can find countless outdoor products to spruce up your backyard. A part of the backyard that is often neglected is the flooring. Homeowners often leave their bare concrete floors just the way they are, unaware of the endless design possibilities. One amazingly effective way to add flair to concrete flooring is with outdoor floor tile. outdoor floor tile is similar to indoor tile except that it is more resistant to weather and wear. These tiles come in an amazing array of colors and patterns just like their indoor counterparts.

To create a section of outdoor floor tile, you will need several things, including but not limited to: mortar, grout, tile, tile cutter, measuring tape, and spatula. First you need to determine how much tile you need. To do this, measure the square footage of the section to be tiles. To do this, take a measuring tape and run it along each edge, noting the lengths. If the area is square or rectangular shaped, all you have to do is multiply the feet of one side to the adjacent side. To determine how many tiles you’ll need, divide the square footage by the area of the tiles you have selected. For example, if you selected tiles with an area of 1 square foot, a floor of 500 square feet would require 500 tiles. I advise purchasing at least 10% more tiles than you need to account for breakages and cutting.

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