Different WPC materials / projects and end use

Wood – Plastics Composite

We are a leading Technical / Project Consulting organization in the polymer field. We can provide Technology / Know-how and related technical services for the manufacture of Wood – Plastics Composite (WPC) products. We can also undertake complete turnkey project (selection & sourcing of equipment, Installation & Commissioning, Compounding & Processing, Quality Control & Testing and trial running of plant) along with foreign equipment suppliers.

Wood – Plastics Composites as the name suggests is a combination of low cost cellulose based fillers (wood flour, rice husk, bagasse, bamboo pulp, cotton plant stalk powder etc.) and scrap plastics (HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP etc.). You may be well aware regarding the advantages & benefits of WPC products over conventional preservative treated hardwoods such as:

· Higher durability / longer life

· Resistant to moisture, rotting, cracking & splitting

· Processed like plastics but behave like wood – can be sawed , nailed etc.

· Can be manufactured in vareity of colours / shades (do not require paint or varnish)

· Aesthetically similar to wood – can be produced with simulated wood grain details

· Use of additives for special properties – UV / weather resistance

· Efficient use of scrap resources hence economical & environment friendly

· Vareity of cellulosic raw materials can be used like wood flour, rice husk, bamboo pulp, cotton plant stalk etc.

Wood plastic material

Wood plastic material

Different WPC materials / projects and end use

1) Wood Powder + HDPE Extruded Profile.

End uses: Outdoor floor decking, railings, fences, park benches, roofing / sheds, wall panels, portable cabins etc. Pallets (no fumigation required hence extensively used for marine / sea transport, warehousing etc.)

2) Wood Powder + PVC Foamed Extruded Board / Sheet with Hard Skin (Celuka process)

High Permance & Competitive Substitute for Plywood / MDF & HDF Boards End use: Furniture, Cabinets, Cupboards, Wall Panels, Flooring, Staircase, Railings etc.

3) Wood Powder + PVC Foamed Hollow Ribbed Door Profile Board with lamination

End use: Doors & Door Frames, Window & Window Frames.

4) Wood Powder + PP Extruded Profile / Sheet

End use: Automotive Interior panels, boot flooring etc.

We feel there is good scope in India for the manufacture of WPC intermediate products (like extruded Profiles, Sheets, Boards etc.) for use in outdoor as well as indoor end applications.Another point to keep in mind is that any product with more than 20% agricultural waste ma y not attract excise duty.

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