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Outdoor Flooring

The outdoor floor is mainly used for balconies, courtyards, etc. Now, more and more people prefer to users outside the flooring used in home decoration. Outdoor floor long-term sun and rain, the floor is easy to fade, perishable, and so demanding on the quality of the floor. Preservative wood-plastic flooring does not fade the advantages, many people like to use wood-plastic flooring.

Outdoor floor

Outdoor floor

Wood plastic composite

Wood plastic composite is a relatively new material that has many potential uses. The markets for WPC decking lumber have been expanding recently and new applications are being pursued. Door and window components, deck handrails and fencing are other markets for the WPC industry. The flexibility of manufacturing methods and product performance attributes provide the potential for a variety of new markets.

This publication is intended as an introduction to wood plastic composite technology for those people who are interested in WPC technology and their applications.

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Qizhen is a major wood plastic outdoor floor manufacturer and supplier for you. As the largest exporter in the design and manufacture of wood plastic outdoor flooring and wood plastic wall panel. Qizhen wood plastic outdoor flooring are used in home decoration applications in 60 countries around the world. Example Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, America, Canada, Australia, Russia, Armenia, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Canada, Egypt, UZ, Nubia, Peru, Indonesia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Ghana, Mexico, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Mali, Kyrghyzstan, Argentina, Guinea, KZ. We offer you cheap outdoor floor.

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